Life in Pennington County

Q: Where is Pennington County located?
A: Pennington County, South Dakota is situated in the the south west corner of the state, bordering Wyoming. The central hub of the county, and one of the largest cities in South Dakota is Rapid City. Located on the banks of Rapid Creek and in the valley of the Black Hills, Rapid City is sometimes referred to as the Star of the West.

Q: What is special about Pennington County?
A: Originally created to attract more tourists to the Black Hills of South Dakota, the world famous granite landmark, Mount Rushmore is located in the county of Pennington. Carved out of the mountain to represent the country's former presidents and completed in the early 1940s, more than one million tourists visit the national memorial each year.

Q: What neighborhoods are in Pennington County?
A: The town of Wall, South Dakota is home to Wall Drug Store, the popular tourist stop on the way to Mount Rushmore, offering free ice water to travelers since the 1930s. Rapid Valley is known for its scenic views of the Black Hills Mountain Range. Colonial Pine Hills is known for its many upscale neighborhoods and sub-divisions, and The South Dakota Air and Space Museum is located in the city of Box Elder.

Q: What is there to do in Pennington County?
A: Black Hills National Forest encompasses more than one million acres of land in South Dakota and Wyoming. Badlands National Park is situated on almost 250,000 acres and is known for its' unique formations and pre-historic fossils. Harney Peak is South Dakota's highest mountain, and the largest park in the state is Custer State Park, located in the Black Hills of Pennington County.

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